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Our Olympia Dentists & team members are committed to providing a pleasant experience and exceptional, personalized dental care. The Walker & Krause Dental Team is dedicated to giving you plenty of reasons to smile, Olympia.

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We offer Olympia’s residents the most technologically advanced dental care facilities for family dental care, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, Invisalign and more.

Get your full smile makeover from our team of highly trained Olympia Dentists and team members. We continuously evaluate the latest diagnostic, dental technologies and treatment tools available to ensure you get the most out of your investment in long-term dental health. 

Our dental team is invested in providing our patients the very best dental examinations and dental cleanings possible, always keeping their comfort, safety and long term smile goals at the forefront of all the dental procedures we provide clients. 

Dentist reviewing x-rays to prep for dental implant procedure at Walker Dental Team in Olympia

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