Can You Make Brushing Your Teeth More Fun?

Mar. 15, 2019 ⋅ Categories: Dental Blog

Most people do not like doing chores. They look at chores as something that requires effort and that offers little fun. The best way to get through your chores is to find ways to make them fun. One thing that you may consider a chore is brushing your teeth twice a day.

If you learn how to make it fun, you may forget that it is something you have to do. Instead, it becomes something you want to do.

What Works for Children

An adult may convince themselves that they have to brush their teeth even if it is not fun. Children are not always that easy. There are several ways parents can make the idea of brushing the teeth fin for children.

  • Music – Find a song your child likes and play it while they brush their teeth. A two-minute song will help a child learn how long to brush the teeth while also making it more enjoyable.
  • Pick out Toothbrush – There are many themed toothbrushes to choose from. Let your child pick the toothbrush they like the most. Give them the same choice when it comes to toothpaste.
  • Cheer them on – Cheer on your child as they are brushing their teeth, letting them know what a great job they are doing.
  • Reward – Give the child a reward for brushing their teeth every day. Rewards are one way to make many things fun for children.

How About Adults

The amazing thing is that what works for children can also work for adults. Music finding a cool toothbrush, congratulating yourself for a job well done and rewarding yourself for keeping a great, healthy smile will turn the chore of brushing your teeth into something you want to do.

Brushing your teeth is an important part of your oral and overall health. The more fun you can find in this, the better care you give your teeth. The result is a smile you are proud to display.

For more information about how to make brushing or any other oral hygiene habit fun, contact our office today.


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