Signs of Bulimia Show Up on Your Teeth

Jan. 30, 2019

Most people think of eating disorders such as bulimia, as a mental health issue that affects the digestive system and the emotional health of a person.

However, there are many reasons this severe disease can significantly impact your teeth. When you are continually vomiting, your mouth will feel the effects.

Bulimia can be devastating, not only for the person affected but for his or her entire family.

Symptoms of Bulimia in Dental Health
If you have bulimia, your teeth will reveal the adverse effects of the condition in several ways. Here are some of the symptoms we can detect during a visual examination of the oral cavity:

*Dry mouth
*Tooth damage due to exposure to acids from the stomach
*Inflamed or bleeding gums and soft tissue
*Increase in cavities occurrence
*Lower saliva levels
*Erosion of tooth enamel
*Damage of previous dental work
*Hoarse voice or a sore throat
*Cracked or chipped teeth
*Jaw misalignment
*Pain chewing

People who struggle with bulimia can have severe oral health problems, including periodontal disease which can ultimately lead to tooth loss when not treated promptly. We cannot stress enough that you should keep coming in for your regular checkups because we can help you protect your teeth and maintain your mouth healthy during this difficult time.

However, it is essential to control the underlying reason for your dental problems and address the bulimia. We will be here every step of the way and help you repair any issues with your teeth and mouth after you get healthy again.

We can only do so much in helping you while still purging regularly and problems will continue to surface until you take care of the eating disorder. If you need help with an emotional issue, we urge you to seek help and will assist you in every way we can, so you can regain control of your life again.


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