Things to Consider Prior to Getting an Electric Flosser

Dec. 30, 2019 ⋅ Categories: Dental Blog

We have all had that moment while we are busy quickly running through our oral care routine. We glance at our floss or floss picks and tell ourselves we will make up for it later. If flossing is one of the least pleasurable parts of your oral care routine, you are not alone. The American Academy of Periodontology reported over thirty percent of people would rather do an activity they found unpleasant, washing the dishes or the car more than having to floss daily. Purchasing an electronic flosser may be the change you need.

How an Electronic Flosser is Different

The two main types of electronic flossers are the air and water variety. They both contain a tip used for blasting high-intensity air or water. There are different variations in how the reservoir is setup. Some have a base with an extension of tubing to the point. Others have the reservoir built directly into the point handle. Both are powered by a pumping motor used to push the air or water out of the flossers pointed tip. Depending on the price, some are powered by batteries and require occasional charging. Others require you to be hardwired into an outlet to operate.

Are Electronic Flossers Better Than Manual Flossing?

From the perspective of overall reduction of plaque in your mouth and between your teeth. Yes, several small studies have shown they rank better than manual floss. If you frequently travel or perform your oral care routine away from home. They can be tougher to travel with conveniently as well as require an outlet with some models. If you find you brush your teeth and floss on the way to work or after meals on the go. Your floss routine can quickly fall to the wayside by not having immediate access to the simplicity of a piece of floss. The Journal of Clinical Dentistry discovered water flossers used with routine brushing resulted in the lowest amount of plaque in the mouth and teeth.

As long as the flosser is located in the location you can routinely use it’s a great investment. Also, if you find yourself struggling to floss, the cooling feel of the water rushing between your teeth just might be the tool to get you excited when it comes time to floss.


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