Ways of Improving Your Flossing Technique

Aug. 30, 2019 ⋅ Categories: Dental Blog

Some of the questions we ask of our patients when they come in to visit us is what their oral health routine is. We want to find out if a person is brushing and flossing regularly. The reason we want to know this is not to make a person feel guilty. It is to help them maintain the best oral health possible. We want to help a person improve the techniques they use to maintain their oral health. One thing that many need help with is the right flossing technique. These are some of the things we tell them to do.

Learning on Your Own

It is possible to learn the proper techniques for flossing on your own. You can turn to the Internet to find out information about when to floss, how often to floss, what to use when you floss and much more. You can also find videos showing you the technique for flossing. Learning this information is important, but there is another piece which you should also learn

There are different signs to watch for when you floss that can tell you if you are not doing it correctly or if you are doing it right. Bleeding when you floss could mean you are being too rough. Not using enough string or finishing too quickly could mean you are not reaching all the spots you should. Take the time to learn the signs of proper flossing if you are doing it on your own.

Learning with Help

While you can learn the proper technique for flossing on your own, there is another option. You can turn to the professionals in our office to help teach you flossing technique. They will explain how you can reach the difficult back teeth and can show you how much force to exert when flossing. They will teach you how long it takes to floss and what the best flossing material is. Learning these things with a trained professional and the follow-up they offer is often the best option.

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