What Options Your Teeth Have That Do Not Include Extraction

Jul. 30, 2019 ⋅ Categories: Dental Blog

Tooth decay is probably one of the most common problems we see. Some of it is due to a poor oral hygiene regimen, or a diet high in acids, or medications that you may have been taking. Whatever the reason, we try hard to save your natural teeth. Nothing works better than your natural teeth; they are one of the strongest structures in your body. They are constantly under immense stress when you eat and if you grind your teeth or clench your teeth they are under even more.

When decay sets in, it must be fixed. Fortunately, there are several ways we can fix tooth decay or chipped or cracked teeth without extracting them. Dentistry has come a long way from the Dark Ages.

What Options Are There?

The options available to you are dependent upon the amount of decay, where it is, and which tooth is affected. If you have a small amount of decay, one that is just beginning, we can fill it in with a composite that will look just like your natural teeth. This is a simple and painless procedure that would take only one visit to perform, but when we are finished, you are good to go with no one the wiser.

If the decay is more serious, we may still be able to fill the cavity. The only difference would be what we fill it with. If the decay is on a molar, we usually use gold or silver. This is because your molars get the brunt of the stress your teeth bear and silver and gold are better able to handle that stress. If it isn’t a molar, we can use the composite resin to fill the tooth.

If the decay is too much for a filling but enough of the tooth remains after clearing it of the decay, we can place a crown on your tooth. Crowns look just like natural teeth and fit over what’s left of your tooth. It is permanently cemented in place.

For chipped or cracked teeth, porcelain veneers may be an option, particularly if they are your front teeth. These will also look just like regular teeth and will be color matched to yours. Come in and we can give you an exam and discuss your options.


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