About Us

About Us

We’re here to make you smile, Olympia!

The Walker Dental Team

A smile has the power to do amazing things, like instantly brighten someone’s day. A single smile can offer reassurance, build confidence and inspire trust. It can even start a chain reaction of joy among complete strangers.

The Walker & Krause Dental Team in Olympia Washington loves to make people smile every day. It happens when we ease someone’s concerns, share a laugh or celebrate with them as they reveal their new appearance and realize they never have to hide their smile again.

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More About Us

Consistent quality and positive relationships are what drive our business. New patients come to us through referrals from people they trust, not marketing gimmicks or high profile chain locations. What good are these if the work doesn’t live up to your expectations, or stand the test of time? A personalized approach to dentistry is essential because every person, and every mouth, is unique. The only way to measure success is one happy patient at a time.

The Walker & Krause Dental Team office is a welcoming family atmosphere where everyone can relax and look forward to receiving the best in preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, because they know we will never compromise when it comes to providing two things: a pleasant experience and exceptional, personalized results.

We work together and collaborate as equal parts of a fully integrated team. Our shared experience, mutual respect and dedication to our craft enable us to provide seamless, top quality service.

So many languages in the world,
and a smile speaks them all
– Anonymous