New Patient's First Visit

We're Accepting New Patients

Thank you for visiting the Walker & Krause Dental Team website! Our ambition is that your first visit to our office is comfortable and productive, and we want to address and acknowledge your dental needs on a personal level.

We take the time necessary to properly diagnose any immediate or longstanding dental concerns you may have, review your medical and dental history and formulate a treatment plan that will provide you with optimal, long-lasting dental health. With your collaboration we complete a very thorough comprehensive dental examination and evaluation.

The foundation of our long-term relationships with our new patients is established during your first visit to our practice.

What to Expect at Your First Walker & Krause Dental Visit

The Walker & Krause Dental team is excited to greet you at our office as a new patient! We let our new patients know that they should expect their initial visit to take about two hours. The first portion of the visit will be spent talking to you to find out about your dental history, concerns, and expectations. We will also go over any pertinent medical conditions or medications you take.

Our skilled dental team is dedicated to alleviating any fear or apprehension you may have about visiting the dentist, so please let us know if you are nervous or afraid to be at the dental office. If you come to us with a dental emergency, we do all we can to alleviate your pain or concern as quickly as possible. We treat all of our patients as our friends and family, and we want you to leave your visit with a smile!

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Sit Back and Relax at Your Fist Dental Visit

After getting to know a little bit about you, we will take some photographs of your teeth for your dental record. We will also take some x-rays if our doctors deem them necessary. Our hygiene team will then complete an assessment of your gum health for the doctors to review and diagnose. The gums and supporting tissues are the foundation for overall oral health, and this is a crucial part of establishing your treatment plan regardless of its complexity.

Many patients will have their teeth cleaned on their first visit. If it has been a while since you have been to the dentist, or if you have gum issues that require more in-depth attention, we may begin or schedule deep cleaning, also known as periodontal therapy. Each of our hygienists is highly trained professionals, and they will guide you through this part of the visit, answering any questions you may have.

Meet Dr. Walker or Dr. Krause During Your Visit

Once we have finished with the initial portion of the new patient visit, you will meet Dr. Walker or Dr. Krause, and they will complete a very thorough examination. We evaluate your TMJ, perform an oral cancer screening, and of course check all of your teeth.

As the examination takes place, we make note of any areas of concern, and occasionally we will take some photographs using an intraoral camera that will show the smallest details of your mouth.

In addition to photographs and x-rays, we have 3D imaging technology that we may recommend as a tool for diagnosis and treatment planning. We will review the findings of this examination with you, and any recommended treatment will be explained so that you understand and feel comfortable with the plan that is developed.

John Walker DDS
Doctor Walker
Kody Krause DDS
Doctor Krause

Lets Create a Dental Treatment Plan Together

Many patients come to us with complex dental or cosmetic concerns, and the doctors may ask you to return for a case presentation if they need to spend time reviewing our findings and developing a treatment plan.

During the case presentation, Dr. Walker or Dr. Krause will sit down and go over the plan that they have developed which may include different options or alternatives. This treatment plan acts as a road map to guide us towards our dental destination.

At the appropriate time and before any treatment begins, we will also discuss the financial aspect of your dental care including your insurance benefits.