Children’s Dentistry

Pediatric Dental Care in Olympia

At Smile Olympia dental office we want your children to have the highest standard of pediatric dental care so that we can help prevent cavities and infections. Though transitory, the baby teeth of your kids are important and it is necessary to keep them clean so that, once they leave, the gaps created can be a healthy space for the incoming permanent teeth. Establishing a routine habit for children of cleaning teeth at home is ideal, but you should also make sure to bring your child in for regular dental visits.

By letting us examine your child’s mouth, we can help ensure their continued oral health and bite potential problems in the bud before they have a chance to fully form.

A child smiling after receiving dental care from Walker Dental Team

Routine Pediatric Dental Exams and Their Importance

Tooth decay is one of the most common dental diseases seen in children, and this is despite years of effort and an increased knowledge base among parents throughout the United States. Once children arrive in kindergarten, close to half of them have some measure of tooth decay. We can help you prevent this by establishing a habit of early and regular dental visits for this important pediatric dental care.

With the assistance of our board certified dentists, we can guarantee you are brushing their baby teeth correctly, help to wean your child away from using a pacifier, and we can observe if you have any habits worth changing that can further help guide your child away from future and preventable tooth decay. By spending time with us and our dentists at our office, you help give your child durable and lasting teeth that will enable them to chew food easily, speak more clearly, and smile with a growing confidence.

Your Child and Their First Dental Visit

Though many children are anxious at the thought of their first dental visit, we can help you shift that expectation in a more positive and fun direction. One of the best first steps is to seek out some videos online directed to kids that can play out what dentists do and depict what the average visit looks like in a more entertaining manner. After doing this, you can help set expectations for your child by providing easy and comforting answers to any follow-up questions they may have. Through steps such as these, and perhaps by bringing along one of their favorite stuffed animals, we can help make your child’s first visit to the dentist a memorable and anxiety-free experience.

Creating a Zero Stress Environment at Our Dental Office

Once you bring your child in for their first dental visit, we will immediately be on hand to take all of the stress out of it. Our dentists are fully trained to talk with your child about what they are doing in an enthusiastic and encouraging manner.

As we proceed, we prepare your child for the uncomfortable moments and clearly explain each step of the process in a positive light so that they are not scared. Working right at your side, we will present a calm and uplifting front to your child that will make them more curious about the process than frightened of it. The last thing we want is for your child to be fearful of visiting us, so we will be right there with you to guarantee that does not happen.

If you would like to learn more about how to make dental visits as stress-free and painless as possible for you and your children reach out to our Olympia dental team.