General Dentistry Services

Our two goals are healthy smiles and happy patients.

With decades of experience, our dentists, dental assistants and dental hygienists have developed a family of patients from all around Olympia who appreciate our thorough, attentive approach. Our General Dentistry services are designed to provide everyone in the family with the dental care and knowledge they need to achieve and maintain excellent oral health.

Thorough Dental Exams & Dental Cleanings

Dentist and dental hygienist performing cleaning and exam on patient of Walker Dental Team in Olympia, WA

Walker & Krause Dental Team offers only the best in general family dental care services for all your regular dental exam and dental cleaning needs.

No matter how long it’s been since your last visit to the dentist, we invite you to come in for a dental exam and dental cleaning. Great oral health means more than watching out for cavities. Your teeth are part of a larger system that includes your bones and the soft tissues of your gums and inner mouth – each susceptible to disease.

In our dental office, we use every advanced technique available to determine the health of your entire mouth. Using digital radiography, intraoral cameras and other leading-edge dental technologies, we’re able to see the inner condition of your teeth and bones and zoom in on any part of your mouth to see things that are invisible to the naked eye, and sometimes don’t even show up on x-rays. Then we check the entire lining of your mouth for evidence of oral cancers that may be present or developing.

Our dentists also spend time discussing concerns that relate to oral health, such as jaw pain and cosmetic defects. We’ll make sure you know what options are available to improve or correct your condition. Our patients tell us they’ve never had an exam as thorough as ours. We wouldn’t do it any other way.

Image of blue light used to cure composite dental fillings for treatment of cavities

Fillings don’t have to be unsightly; today they can be unseen altogether. The Walker & Krause Dental Team in Olympia uses tooth colored composite fillings, which closely match the color and texture of your natural teeth. They not only look good, they are also less likely to crack or come loose. More of your natural tooth is preserved than with traditional metal fillings, and concerns over metal toxicity are eliminated.

We start each dental filling procedure by carefully removing all existing tooth decay. Then we condition the surface of your tooth to bond permanently to the filling material. The composite filling material is then placed and shaped to match your natural tooth structure. Depending on the size and character of the cavity opening, we may simply fill it with composite bonding material.

A child smiling after receiving dental care from Walker Dental Team

The Walker & Krause Dental Team welcomes first-time patients of all ages. We believe that a positive early experience at the dentist is one of the keys to a lifetime of oral health and good dental habits for children. That’s why we make sure that children enjoy themselves here, by making them as comfortable as possible and showing them the respect and care they deserve.

Our patients have always felt like family to us, so it’s only natural that our adult patients bring their whole families here. When you take care of your teeth as a family, you’ll enjoy healthy smiles as a family, too. We think children who learn proper dental habits with their parents are more likely to hold onto them as they grow up. We love kids, and most of us have children and grandchildren of our own. We take pride in making your child’s dental care a wonderful experience.

When you’ve lost a tooth due to trauma or decay, a dental implant may be the most conservative, realistic and functional way to replace it. Walker & Krause Dental Team have placed and restored hundreds of dental implants over the past two decades, and can help determine if an implant procedure would be beneficial for you. Unlike a dental bridge – where a replacement tooth is attached to neighboring teeth and rests atop the gums – an implant is surgically fused to the jawbone, mimicking the stability and functionality of a live tooth. More severe situations may take the expertise of a specialist.

Implants require healthy bone and gum structure, and may be used in combination with other techniques such as dental bridges to restore a section of teeth. Because a dental implant is surgically placed, it takes more than one visit to your dentist to complete, and additional time to heal.