Advanced dental technology.

We recognize that as our patient, you are making an investment in your long-term dental health and appearance. We invest in it too, by incorporating the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies, but only after carefully evaluating their ability to deliver real value to our patients in added comfort, safety and efficiency. Learn more about these advanced systems below:

  • Diode Micro-laser Therapeutics
  • Digital Imaging and Diagnostics
  • Low-exposure Digital Radiography
  • Digital Impressions

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Diode Micro-laser Therapeutics

With soft tissue lasers we are able to treat gum disease, reshape “gummy” smiles, and perform minor surgical procedures. This is all accomplished with a gentle beam of light that is not only more comfortable than traditional methods but also promotes better healing and faster recovery time. 

Digital Imaging and Diagnostics

With a tiny intraoral camera an Olympia Dentist is able to visualize your dental condition displayed on a TV screen. Not only does this allow you to see the areas of concern but it provides valuable information for an accurate diagnosis. allows us to get a live, close-up view of otherwise imperceptible areas of your mouth.

Low-exposure Digital Radiography

We can take digital X-rays with as much as 90 percent less exposure to radiation than the traditional method. Using a small in-mouth sensor attached to a computer imaging device, Digital Radiography pictures are relayed instantly to a chair-side monitor for easy viewing. Not only is digital radiography safer for you, it’s also more comfortable and convenient, and allows us to zoom in and display close-up images of trouble spots for more accurate diagnosis and treatment of tooth decay and other conditions of the teeth and bones.

Digital Impressions

High precision is the name of the game when it comes to taking dental impressions. We utilize a top of the line intraoral scanner to ensure accuracy.