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Ideal Soft Foods for After a New Filling

Getting a filling can cause some sensitivity, so you have to eat responsibly. Don’t dive into a bag of potato chips and start crunching away unless you want to see us again real soon. The following information will help you use discernment when choosing what foods to eat after your dental visit.

What Foods Are Best to Eat after a Filling?

Smooth and soft foods like a smoothie, yogurt, flavored milkshake, tasty pasta, scrambled eggs or a nice soup are all great choices. Soft foods are better than hard, crunchy, or sticky foods right after you get a filling. If you want to make sure your filling stays intact and you wish to reduce sensitivity, you need to eat soft foods for a couple days.

Remember, certain hard foods are not meant to be chewed, but provide cooling (such as ice) or should be dissolved in the mouth (such as a hard candy). If you do eat candy, stick to the sugarless kind. Foods that are okay to eat after a filling include mashed potatoes, yogurt, smoothies, milk shakes, cheese, soups, pasta, and chili. Smoothies are also a good choice if you are experiencing a little soreness.

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What Foods Should Be Avoided After Having A Filling?

After getting a filling, it is best to stay away from foods like granola, chips, peanuts, ice, hard candies, popcorn, hard breads, caramel, and gum. If you’re eating a food that could crack a tooth or pull out a filling, stop eating the food. Choose safe foods that are soft and pliable that will not damage a tooth or lead to gum soreness or tooth pain and sensitivity.

If you need to have a tooth filled, make sure you are prepared. Plan your diet so you will have the right foods on hand after you get your filling. Make getting a filling a better experience by having the filling-friendly foods in the cabinet and refrigerator. That will make your after care an easier transition.

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