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If Chewing Harder Foods Hurts, We Need to See You for a Checkup

Everyone loves crunchy food. Whether your crunchy food of choice is crispy potato chips or raw veggies, you should never feel pain while eating. Pain in your body, including your mouth, indicates that something isn’t right. While you may want to ignore the pain, it’s better not to. Ignoring pain in your mouth can lead to a whole variety of dental issues.

Pain in your mouth and the surrounding areas while eating is never a good sign. Unfortunately, there can be many different causes of your pain. That’s why we need to see you to make sure you’re okay. Pain in your mouth, generally, will only get worse. This is because your teeth can’t regenerate themselves, and your gums are vulnerable to the bacteria in your mouth.

Why You Might Be Feeling Pain

While we’re the only ones that can diagnose, you’re pain, we can help you get an idea as to why you might be feeling it. The first step in identifying your problem is to determine where the pain is located. Some people may feel pain in a specific location in their mouth while other may feel it in their jaw. If it’s a more general pain, you may just have sensitive teeth. Pain near your jaw joint below your ear may indicate you have an issue with your jaw muscle. Pain in your mouth could be a variety of different things. It may be a cavity, a chipped tooth, or severe tooth decay.

It’s important that you don’t wait to get your mouth looked at. In most cases, your pain will only get worse. Waiting could determine the difference between a quick fix like a filling or something more serious like a root canal. If you have pain in your mouth, please call us immediately for help.